Bitcoin Consulting

Want to get started with Bitcoin? If you’re located in the Tri-State Area, we’ll show you how to get up and running with Bitcoin. offers affordable on-site consultations to merchants, businesses and organizations who are seeking to integrate Bitcoin into their payment systems.

Bitcoin Payment Integration

We offer Bitcoin payment integration for retail merchants, restaurants, bars, venues, e-commerce businesses, service providers, charities, non-profit organizations, independent contractors, and more. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is and how much you’ll save on merchant fees.

Bitcoin Arbitration / Trustless Escrow

The Bitcoin protocol’s ‘M of N Transactions‘ allow forĀ  trustless escrow, particularly suited for high-value transactions. We offer 3rd party arbitration services to ensure that the buyer receives the item or service they paid for and that the seller receives payment for products or services rendered.

Bitcoin Education & Training provides on-site training to companies, business owners and front-line staff on how to start accepting Bitcoin payments from customers. We also offer presentations to the general public about Bitcoin and how to start using it — please see our blog for upcoming events.

Media Relations

As a local industry leader and expert in Bitcoin, Joe Admin is available for media interviews and backgrounders about bitcoin, digital currency technology and markets, alt-coins, retail payment systems, and consumer & business adoption within the bitcoin space. All media inquiries should be directed to Joe via our contact page.

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