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List your bitcoin business for free on CoinMap.orgThe amount of voluntary innovation within the Bitcoin community never ceases to amaze me. Take CoinMap for example. CoinMap’s developer figured out a way for Bitcoin businesses to easily show their location on a map, allowing people who want to spend their bitcoins to quickly find and support local businesses accepting the digital currency.

To list your Bitcoin business on, visit the website and check out the instructions at the lower left of the map. Copy the payment:bitcoin=yes tag that you’ll see there, and then sign up at Once you’ve confirmed your email address, log in and find your place of business on the world map and zoom in closely on the map. At the upper left of the map, click on the Point button and then move your mouse to your business location and click to drop the marker. A list of business/location types will then open in the left pane, so choose the category appropriate for your business. Next, you’ll need to add information about your website, such as phone number and  address, plus the payment:bitcoin=yes tag mentioned earlier. It’s a bit difficult to describe the complete process in writing, so watch the below video which shows how to complete your entry. After you’ve added your business information and the bitcoin tag, be sure to click Save twice as mentioned in the video.

See you on CoinMap!

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An entrepreneur in web technology and development, Joe has been following and promoting Bitcoin since 2010. In 2013 he founded to raise Bitcoin awareness and adoption amongst businesses and consumers in the Tri-State Area and serves as the company's president. Follow him on Twitter @BTC4BIZ

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